A: I'd recommend that you stop contacting your ex for approximately a month. This allows you to have enough time to heal from the wounds of the breakup and to develop your own confidence and self-esteem.

It's actually normal for your ex to begin missing you during this time.

It's possible that they try to contact you. But if they don't, don't be anxious either. After waiting for one month, simply call them and ask them to catch up over coffee. Most probably, the two of you have been up to a lot in one month.

Catching up will also help you assess yourself and check if you still wanna be back together with your ex. So, this is what I recommend for what to do when your ex disregards you. As you take time to focus on yourself, it will be okay if your ex reaches out. Nevertheless, if you still want to see your ex again, call them up in about a month and reawaken that relationship.
A: Just give them that space, that's what you want to do. By doing this, they can say that you give them respect and honor their need.

When giving them space, improve your self-esteem and confidence. Chances are high that you need to work on your self-esteem if you've freshly gone through a breakup.

Breakups can make us feel troubled and distrust many things we used to believe about ourselves. Spend time and develop your confidence. The next time your ex sees you, he or she will be impressed by the difference.
A: This can be quite difficult to explain but let me try. Bear in mind that the real reason is that they just want space away from you and the relationship no matter what your ex's breakup reasons are.

By reaching out to them and explaining or telling them how significant they are to you, you're depriving them that space that they want.

This only makes them feel like you're not listening to their request and they feel like they require to pull even further back.

This can lead to a no-win situation and you might attempt even harder to get through to them.

And so, the dance goes on until your ex pushes you wholly out of their life.